It's not just rural broadband that's an issue for BT

We pay for Sky. We have a BT landline as it hooks up to the burglar alarm. We have BT internet. We pay for “up to 20MB broadband”. We live on a housing estate in Newark with houses that are around 10 years old. We don’t live in the middle of  nowhere in an ancient farmhouse. We only have one phone line entering the house. We have a working filter on it. We have checked the front plate of the phone line. We have even paud £100 for an engineer to visit us in the past.

Why are we only getting half a MB speed when we are paying something like £22 a month?

It isn’t just rural areas that BT are letting down!

One Response to It's not just rural broadband that's an issue for BT

  1. operanut1972 says:

    Absolutely. It would appear that BT is still entrenched in the idea that cables are the best way to provide Broadband. If they were using dedicated lines to every house and upgrading their equipment instead of using out of date models which are then upgraded maybe a better speed would ensue. Cable companies are able to provide the best speeds regardless of the distance from the exchange because they use the one customer one line principal so, your telephone and tv down one and the broadband comes down a single separate line. However, this still cannot account for sheer volume of traffic and this where we will always be playing catch up. The technology just doesn't exist affordably, to provide a decent response for everyone on the planet. The best way is for companies to tell the truth about the real speeds you are paying for, and then charge you accordingly. Instead of up to, we should be told minimum working speed, this would give a fairer representation, would mean that most companies would look really bad! But consumers get the best deal available to them.

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