Call me fat… and I'd tell you to stuff off!

So the Telegraph think articles about whether David Cameron has put on a few pounds is journalism? Well maybe they thought it relevant with regards whether those of us not a size zero are chunky, big boned, obese or just plain fat.

For me, I’m not so sure. Does the fact that Eric Pickles is not stick insect mean he can’t do the job? For me he seems to have hit the ground running in his department, with a work rate second to none. Are we saying that our politicians, and more importantly our leaders have to look a certain way? That may be the case these days but isn’t it a sad reflection on society. Yes I understand the health implications of being fat, but articles like the ones which have appeared in the Telegraph are more about image than health.

Should we come to accept that if you are fat, funny looking, plain ugly, or even have a disability, that you can not be successful in politics? If that is the case then it really is a sad sad day. And if you call me fat.. I really would tell you to stuff off!

One Response to Call me fat… and I'd tell you to stuff off!

  1. operanut1972 says:

    Hear, Hear!

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