Does Esso need its butt kicking?

So can we get their Chief Executive in front of a Select Committee for a good old slagging off?

Anyone but Murray

First he said he would support anyone but England at football and he was forgiven. Then (apparently) he says he would prefer to win the US Open than Wimbledon (and some will forgive him). Finally he says he doesn’t know whether he would bow when teh Queen attends Wimbledon.

Does Andy Murray get any PR advice whatsoever, or is his intent on just annoying anyone who may have supported him as a “BRITISH” tennis player.

Sorry, but I (along with many people I know) am now in the anyone but Murray category. I don’t actually think he will win Wimbledon as it ust be really hard playing tennis with a chip on each shoulder!

Latest Seven Days Show now online

The latest edition of the Seven Days show in now online (episode 29).

This week we talked about Iain deciding he no longer wants to be a Member of Parliament; why on earth anyone would, and how depression can effect people; what can be done to restore faith in politics; what we may see in The Budget this week; how ironic it is to read about Labour criticising possible cuts when it has been their economic mismanagement that has got us to where we are today; political affairs, and should we really care?

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Reserving the right to express displeasure – England were first class sh*te

I couldn’t take any more football after the first half so went outside to sort the garden out and had Radio 5 on. Thank god for that. Awful performance. Then at the end I heard the rumour that Rooney said something along the lines of how it isn’t too nice to hear your own fans booing you.

I’ve never been one to boo players – but when these “professionals” get paid six figure salaries every week and then put in performances like that I think those fans who have paid lots of their hard earned money to go and see their team they have a right to express their displeasure.

So come on Rooney et al! Pull your socks up and play like you can!

Latest PMQs podcast now online

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Parents without discipline

On Saturday I watched as two young lads booted a rugby ball to each other on a little bit of grass opposite our house. the fact that it was essentially too small for youths of their age was fine, and I didn’t bother telling them they may be better placed going to the park about 2 minutes away.

5 minutes later they kicked the ball that hard it flew into a neighbours back garden which was on the edge of the smalled grassy area. I watched as they had a look over the fence and then one of them does no more than clambers over into the back garden and boots the ball out. As he climbed back I shouted to him and asked him if he should be doing what he was. Luckily no foul mouthed tirade – but a sorry. So I suggest they knock on the door – to which he replied – but they’re out. So I suggest they may be better waiting than trespassing in someones garden.

Now it wasnt the fact that the lad had done it, but more that he really didn’t think he had done anything wrong. Why do many kids have no sense of appropriate behaviour, and more so why do many adults fail to say anything when they see kids misbehaving?

I blame the parents!

PS:- I hope I have passed this audition for grumpy old men with flying colours!

Latest Seven Days Show (football free zone?) now online

The latest edition of the Seven Days Show (episode 28) is now online. In this weeks episode we talk about the Labour leadership election and the inclusion of Diane Abbott; Ed Balls being in second place (surely not); President Obama and BP; Elections of the Chairmen and Women of the Parliamentary Select Committees; an IPSA resignation; Andy Coulson and his package (behave listeners) and finally Lord Ashcroft and the book that does or does not exist.

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Boris is right on BP

I have to say that I fully agree with the Mayor of London regarding Obamas attack on BP. Suddenly stressing the British in British petroleum as part of some xenophobic blame game is certainly not presidential. I hope David Cameron has a Love actually moment and tell Obama to grow up… obviously in the politest of British ways.

Of course perhaps someone should point out that if the US (and I like the US and lived in FLA as a kid) wasn’t so addicted to fossil fuels there wouldn’t be any oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico, and Obama knows that!

PMQs podcast now online

The latest PMQs podcast is now online. Click the play button above to hear all the action.

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Paul Goodman is right on Select Committees.

I have to say I tend to agree wth Paul Goodman at ConHome when he suggests that Labour MPs will vote for candidates who are standing to be Chairman of the various Select Committees on the basis of who is likely to give Cameron the hardest time. Its interesting to see certain Tory MPs almost forming an unholy alliance with Labour members in order to try to secure their position. And the internal lobbying going on…… you just wouldn’t believe it! Then again, you probably would!

Finally – given AV is being used for the elections you can almost hear the call – if its good enough for Select Committees – its good enough for General Elections.