Are tonor cartridges a sign of bigger Government waste?

Some time ago I bought a colour laser printer as it was half price. All well and good until I saw how much each of the 4 cartridges cost to fill the machine – more than the hardware itself.

Then I learn that new MPs have been given a Goliath of a printer that takes the same cartridges. Now more interesting than that is what Banner – the House of Commons stationery supplier is charging for the black toner cartridge. Apparently £121, yet on a well known website you can get an original un-reconditioned one for £52.

Hmmm… I hope the new MPs use of bit of initiative and don’t use the preferred supplier option. Me thinks, however, toner cartridges and their price are just the tip of the iceberg with regards money that could be save.

3 Responses to Are tonor cartridges a sign of bigger Government waste?

  1. keynesianism says:

    Can doctors prescribe cheaper generic drugs or do they have to prescribe the authorised, branded drugs which are clearly dearer?

    Money spent by teachers in schools can only be channelled through approved suppliers which are seldom the cheapest.

    What about money spent by local authorities, do they have to use authorised suppliers?

    I agree with you, my guess is that there are plenty of suppliers who have cosy contracts with LA’s, the NHS etc. I think they call it a monopoly and it will cost the taxpapyer considerably more.

  2. toryradio says:

    On the use of generics I can actually see a case for having to be tied in to use the branded medicine for a period of time given the investment drugs companies make… but would certainly advocate the use of generics as soon as that tie in ends.

    Sometimes I am unsure as to this rush for "preferred supplier" – is it really always in the interest of the paymaster… namely the poor old taxpayer? Im not convinced it is, as highlighted by the other examples you've given.

  3. operanut1972 says:

    I agree, in these times of enforced debt consolidation, perhaps a different approach to all Departments of Government (Local, Health etc) in way they procure essential equipment. In most cases the old adage built by the cheapest bidder doesn't guarantee that all persons in the arena bid for supply contracts. Certainly drug companies need to have the tie in to generate fund for further research, but can the same be said of stationary supplies, I don't think so! It is right and proper that the most efficient and best price be applied to all areas of Public purchasing as it should be in private companies although the public purse is not alone in being unwise in this arena, the only people hit are the shareholders, employees and not the taxpayer.

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