Does Esso need its butt kicking?

So can we get their Chief Executive in front of a Select Committee for a good old slagging off?

One Response to Does Esso need its butt kicking?

  1. operanut1972 says:

    That is a very good idea, it would seem our American cousins are being as bigoted as they normally are ( Well some of them at the very least). I understand that this is a big deal. If they weren't so precocious about the environment then there wouldn't be a need at the moment to use deep water drilling. Something about which; we don't know what we don't yet! It seems that they forget that the platform was operated by an American firm. Just because BP is technically the ones who paid the drilling license means some good old fashioned not our fault it's those nasty Imperialists! POTUS needs to act in a more balanced way, how many of his own banking industry has he pulled in front of the Oval Office desk? If we were to be doing that to every US Bank that caused our Stock market to implode, we'd still be doing it next year! Time to be more welcoming BO, not piss us off! At the moment, not many people like you in the States, Cynically how long is it to the start of the next voting sessions they have????

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