Anyone but Murray

First he said he would support anyone but England at football and he was forgiven. Then (apparently) he says he would prefer to win the US Open than Wimbledon (and some will forgive him). Finally he says he doesn’t know whether he would bow when teh Queen attends Wimbledon.

Does Andy Murray get any PR advice whatsoever, or is his intent on just annoying anyone who may have supported him as a “BRITISH” tennis player.

Sorry, but I (along with many people I know) am now in the anyone but Murray category. I don’t actually think he will win Wimbledon as it ust be really hard playing tennis with a chip on each shoulder!


11 Responses to Anyone but Murray

  1. Ryan says:

    He is Scottish, shove your monarch up your fucking arse! I'd rather he bares his hairy Scottish behind to that old witch than bow!

  2. toryradio says:

    Isnt the Queen the head of state Zabbs? Not just of England but Scotland too?

  3. Zabbs in Hull says:

    Sorry guys but are you bigots really telling Scots that they have no right to be Scottish? Imagine if that were applied to all Englishmen with George crosses painted on their faces and their fat bulging T-shirts who have just rediscovered their nationality?

    As for the queenny of London and her benefit scrounging family of layabouts…………………… don't get me started. London is NOT the capital of Andrew Murray's nation, Edinburgh is. The United Kingdom of Great Britain (all too often called England) is a State not a nation! Scotland is the Nation. Hope the geography lesson is of some help guys but I have my doubts. Now, who has a chip on their shoulders? Well the poor England captain for one when he read the RoooNneeeeeey was England's sole threat up front! Clearly he has left it all to the hapless wayne. We need a win tonight, not more enemies.

    • toryradio says:

      BTW – Scotland England and Wales make up Great Britain. The UK includes the countries making up Britand and also Northern Ireland… just so you know.

  4. Jim Main says:

    Andy said he'd probably be more LIKELY to win the US Open, as his favourite surface is the hard court. Not that he'd rather win it…also, he was goaded by a journalist and none other than Tim Henman, (who have both expressed sincere regret over the incident) about Scotland being rubbish right now at football, and 'will u be supporting Scotland at the World Cup Andy?', to which he gave the 'only reply he could have in the circumstances' (Tim Henman). Everyone laughed, and the press conference moved on. Next day however, he was painted as some sort of wierd xenophobe from North of the Border.
    As for the monarchy thing…I'm afraid I have no interest in that sort of stuff and no inclination to judge others on frankly outdated traditions. If you want to, feel free, but don't keep spouting on about the first two points which I thought had been cleared up, LONG AGO. Are you Tony Parsons in disguise ?

  5. Editor says:

    Oh I am glad you can clear up what was said. Must have been there eh? The simple fact is for all the advisers he has he clearly needs some PR added to the mix as he really doesn't know how to win friends and influence people.

  6. operanut1972 says:

    While the Scots, Welsh and N. Irish draw from the British Treasury then the Head of State deserves respect. Whilst I appreciate that you want to devolve the United Kingdom, one wonders what the sum total of your exports bring to the UK treasury, does it really compare to the costs of paying you to remain as part of the Union? I suspect the balance of payments might just fall your way. But then I'm only guessing. And out of interest how are you going to afford the Self Defence Force that you would need or do you plan on relying on Drug imports to run your country or other nefarious methods? I doubt that Scotland, NI or Wales would be any better off now than when we annexed you nearly a millennia ago! Shall we stop the cuirass rattling and get on as part of the Union. If you wish to be an ignorant oaf and not pay Your Head of State the courtesy of recognising a life of Labour (She may be well off, but she has worked very hard for UK interests Scotland, Wales & NI included all her life!) than that just proves the stereotype! And if that day does come when you vote for full devolution then don't come back with the begging bowl because frankly I'm sure England will be much better off without you!

  7. jim main says:


    Aye, granted on the PR thing…but I just thought he shouldn't be held up for something that was 4 years ago now, and clearly not meant wholeheartedly. As for the cheeky wee jibe about 'being there', Tim Henman (I am actually a tennis fan, rather than these rabid 'anyone but Murray' or 'Murray Uber Alles' types flying around annoyingly) has talked of this many times in interviews as has the English journalist who was with him, so the info is out there.
    By the way, operanut…what the hell are you talking about ? Drugs ? A millenia ? (the Treaty of Union was in 1707…its barely 300 years old). I'm sure many people in Scotland are more than happy with the monarchy. The monarchy is what the monarchy is…politics is what politics is…and never the twain should meet…again. That is why Britain is the oldest 'modern' Democracy in the world ! And they talk about Scots having a chip on their shoulders, lol !

    • operanut1972 says:

      You are of course right I did get my facts wrong about when the treaty was signed, however, the comment about drugs was slightly tongue in cheek and meant I couldn't see you being fully self dependant as a growing number of your fellow country men believe. I stand corrected.

  8. pottymouth says:

    I had no respect at all for Murray for being a po-faced Scottish twunt but when he said he didn't know whether he would bow to the Queen I felt a twinge of liking for him. Then he spoiled it by bowing. In other words, watching the charmless git lose at tennis is amusing but sticking two fingers up at the monarchy is much more important, specially if we could get Charles and his horse featured munter missus out!

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