So how is campaigning going?

There has always been one problem when you are on the campaign trail. Twice I’ve been a candidate in parliamentary elections and now I’m helping a good friend in their campaign. In all three instances if you are campaigning from early morning until late at night you see (well at least I do) to get removed from what the days news is.

Some may say I should perhaps schedule time to flick through the days newspapers. A little hard when you start early in the morning to hit one of the many commuter stations in the constituency – and finish late at night helping to deal with the vast amount of correspondence.

With that in mind I ask a question to all the lovely readers and listeners out there. Just how is the campaign going in your patch? Is it all positive on the doorstep, or are there alot of people who are very much undecided. Are you hearing the minor parties may pick up some sort of protest vote or is the puboic determined to vote Conservatives and to also vote the current Government out?

Maybe tonight I’ll allow myself a couple of hours off and watch the TV debate. Oh I know how to treat myself don’t I!


Seven Days Show Election Special

The latest edition of the Seven Days Show (episode 20) is now online.

In this week’s episode we concentrate on the election which is now in full swing. To hear our tips for first time candidates, what is dominating the news agenda and much more click the play button above.

Poor attempts at lobbying

I have been a parliamentary candidate twice and have worked in lobbying. For that reason I think (though may be wrong) that I can see both sides of the argument with regards lobbying. I actually think campaign groups and lobbying enhance democracy as they can lead to better legislation.

At the last election in 2005 after a long days campaigning what I found frustrating was an endless stream of emails from people supposedly well versed in public affairs asking me to read their briefing or sign up to their campaign.

This election I have seen the inbox of a parliamentary candidate that has been in situ for a number of years. They haven’t just been selected. Yet many organisations think it is an effective use of their money to inundate a candidate with emails at probably the candidates busiest time – namely the election.

Some have asked whether this will be the internet election. No – it will be the media election. But where the internet and indeed email is perhaps not helping democracy is the seemingly held view by some organisations that long emails and long briefing papers hitting a candidates inbox with less than a month to polling day is going to be productive.

If I were the CEO of some of these organisations I may well be asking why, if theire cause is so important haven’t they engaged with the MP and indeed PPC if there is a chance they might win long before the election was called.

Campaign Update

My feet are sore. My knuckles hurt from over aggressive letter boxes, though I have managed to avoid a couple of dogs who skidded into the door due to wood flooring as my fingers just escaped their grasp!

All reasons why I love campaigning.

Urgent message to Tory Activists




Iphone issues

Just over 40 days ago I purchased my new PAYG Iphone. They charge a pretty price for PAYG – but I only need it for the Apps – particularly being able to edit the blog which I find much easier than on my contract blackberry.

Now for the second time my Iphone has completely frozen up meaning after having restored everything through Itunes (twice) and doing the soft restore on the phone itself I still cant use it. Those friendly people at Orange put me through to Apple and said they would replace my handset.

Luckily Mrs Tory Radio will be in London tomorrow – as I will be otherwise occupied. Something to do with an election! I do hope those people at the Apple Store will be replacing my handset which has so far been a nice ornament – but not much use for much else! Fingers crossed!

Seven Days Show podcast now online

The latest edition of the Seven Days Show podcast is now online. In this week’s show (episode 19) we spoke about political ads; whether Bed and Breakfast owners should be able to decide who can and cannot have accommodation; the Leader’s debate – with specific reference to what happened in the Chancellor’s debate; the Tory pledge not to introduce the proposed Labour NI rise; and finally the election, when it will be called, and shock results, and who Iain Dale would like to see lose their seat.

To listen to the podcast click the play button above.

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