Fib Dems lies will cost them dear

Was it me or did Clegg just lie about two of his policies live on TV. He suggested Lib Dems did not want to join the Euro and do not want an amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Lets just be clear what the Lib Dem manifesto says, and I quote: “We believe it is in Britain’s long-term interest to be part of the Euro.” So if that isn’t a statement of intent what is?

And of course later on in the debate he admits to wanting to offer an amnesty.

I wonder if the papers will pick up on the Fib Dems porkie pies?

One Response to Fib Dems lies will cost them dear

  1. Keynesianism says:

    He trotted out the "only join the Euro if it yields economic advantages, and only after a referendum." Not quite Brown's 5 tests but close.

    On Immigration he definately tried to dilute the policy and tried to hide by attaking Cameron. Easily Cleggs worst perfromance in my view.

    Hold the polls: Blair is on the campaign trail!

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