Labour have no money to pay for ads…

Well apart from all the money Unite give them. But then they don’t need to worry because they are using the taxpayers (our) money to pump out ads all over the place.

Indeed central Government advertising in January 2010 was the highest ever January on record, burning through a massive £30 million of taxpayers’ cash in that month alone.

In the year from February 2009 to January 2010, government advertising was £223 million.

Given they have taken the country to the brink of bankruptcy they probably think whats a few hundred million!!

Exclusive interview with Conservative Party Chairman Eric Pickles MP

Tory Radio took the time to talk to Conservative Party Chairman, Eric Pickles MP this evening.

In the latest podcast with Tory Radio we spoke about Twitter; Unite and their relationship with Labour; Why the Conservatives are on the side of Union members; Why there won’t be a hung Parliament; Why George Osborne is a “strategic genius” who is in charge of the campaign;  Why this election will determine the shape of Britain going forward; and finally what activists need to do to ensure victory.

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Latest PMQs podcast now online

A Brown apology and more on the relationship between the Labour Government and the Unite Union.

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Bercow being even handed? You decide

Paul Waugh and then ConservativeHome flagged up an exchange which took place yesterday in the Commons during an Urgent question on the BA strike.

Tory Radio is pleased to bring you an extract of the audio so that you can decide if the Speaker was being even handed to both sides. Seemingly Speaker Bercow seemed to say that questions needed to focus solely on the issue of the strike – only then to let Dennis Skinner to talk about anything BUT the strike. Then when Mark Pritchard MP dares to ask about the Union Unite, the Speaker comments “the question doesnt remotely relate to the question we are considering”.. errr And Skinner’s did??

A few minutes later (hence the inserted silence in the podcast) Mark Pritchard asks a Point of Order. Was Speaker Bercow somewhat robust in slapping down a Conservative (again). Would it now be fair to suggest that when the Speaker stresses that the House should be aware that the public are watching and should behave in a dignified manner (as he often does at PMQ’s) perhaps he should now include himself in that telling off?

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He who pays the piper? Eh Gordon?

Seven Days Show podcast with Iain Dale now online

The latest edition of The Seven Days Show, episode 16, is now online.

In this episode we discuss James Bulger; Labour’s commitment to an elected House of Lords; Broken Britain, following the death of David Askew; Nick Clegg and his recent change of heart on cuts to public services; a fascinating take on interviewing Nick Griffin; and election night on LBC.

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People interested in politics may have worked in Public Affairs shocker!

On a scale of poor articles just designed to essentially try to attack the Conservatives, this ranks with the best.

Shock horror that some people with a passion for politics may have worked in public affairs! Where the article slips up is there firstly is no clear distinction between Public Affairs and other strands of communication. Now perhaps Nick Mathiason knows better than me. I have only worked in house in a public affairs capacity for two large organisations – one in the public sector and one private, and then headed up the Public Affairs practice for one of the leading recruiters in the communications industry, but what do I know?

So firstly you can work for a company that has a lobbying arm, but not actually do public affairs.

Well lets take the public affairs issue first. I lobbied on behalf of Royal Mail. Should I be criticised if I want to stand for Parliament having lobbied for an organisation sometimes against the Government in order to offer a better service? Is that something bad to do? Does Nick also think that “lobbyists” who work for charities should not have a career in politics? They may call them campaigners – but they are lobbyists.

Then we can look at the “embarrassment for David Cameron” issue. There are people who have worked in Public Affairs on all sides of the political spectrum. Tamora Langley – PPC for the Lib Dems in Lewisham. Ben Abbots another Lib Dem stood in the by-election won by Bob Neill. Even well known blogger and lobbyist Luke Akehurst has been a parliamentary candidate. Is that wrong? Not in my view! Shall I go on? I can….. So is it also embarassment for Clegg and Brown too?

You could of course say that by having a candidate who knows the political system they may be well placed to represent their constituents to the best of their ability and get things done. Lobbying is not bad.  Everyone does it. Be it pushing for a new job (you may lobby your boss), or trying to get something that you want through persuasive argument. That is a form of lobbying. What is bad, is bad lobbying. What is bad is lobbying that is secretive. Persuasion, debate and public affairs are not in themselves a bad thing.

Labrokes betting market points to Tory majority of 14

Matthew Shaddick of Ladbrokes has just recorded his latest podcast for us at Tory Radio on the latest betting markets.

In the podcast you will hear the latest prices on who may be next Home Secretary. Selected extracts include:-

Chris Grayling – Evens
David Davis – 10/1
Ian Duncan Smith – 20/1
Philip Davies 100/1

Some specific constituency markets are looked at including:-

Buckingham where John Bercow is 5/1 on. It would be a bad result for Ladbrokes if Farage wins.

Brighton Pavilion where the Greens are even money favourites, the Conservatives  7/4 and last week money came in for Labour to retain seat at 3/1.

Hampstead and Kilburn where Lib Dems are 5/4 favourites, Conservatives 7/4 and Labour 5/2.

Small change from the last podcast in the final result barometer – which is predicting an expected Tory Majority of 14.

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Nadine Dorries MP on the increasing sexualisation of women in the media

Nadine Dorries MP has recorded the first (of many we hope) podcast for Tory Radio today. In this episode she talks about the Ten Minute rule bill she has  tabled this week on The increasing sexualisation of women in the media which is due to be heard later on in the month.

To listen to why Nadine has introduced the Bill click the play button above.

Dog insurance….. what next

So the latest wheeze is to force dog owners to have insurance. Hmmm, We have to have a licence to have a TV and that isn’t enforced 100%. There is a law against using mobile phones while driving – and how often is that enforced. So now in an effort to clamp down on attack dogs and dangerous breeds the answer is dog insurance. I think not.

Never mind, it looks like mums and dads with pushchairs may also be forced to have to have a licence to operate their wheeled vehicles. Well OK. Maybe not – but it’s getting close to that! Maybe a tax disc for mobility scooter, and a 3 point fine if you block the supermarket aisle with your trolley? With this Government we really shouldn’t jest!