Cameron's response to the budget podcast

If you missed The Budget today here is a real treat for you. Firstly I’m not going to inflict the full speech from Darling on you which would be just too cruel. But more importantly you can listen to the response from David Cameron by clicking the play button above.

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2 Responses to Cameron's response to the budget podcast

  1. Keynesianism says:

    Good sharp reply from David Cameron but a couple of issues make interesting food for thought. Firstly if the labour party has stolen Tory policies why do we need a Tory government to give us the same? Secondly the argument over the budget deficit is possibly being won by labour. Borrowing forecasts undershot and dare I say the semblance of belief that the deficit can be reduced significantly without the hard and fast cuts that the conservatives are now associated with. My money is still on a hung parliament.

    • toryradio says:

      Of course the worrying thing is Labour or relying on growth figures whic IMHO are rather ambitious. If and more likely when they do not achieve such growth we are up a certain creek with no paddle.

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