Notts police get another inflation busting pay injection from the taxpayer

My council tax bill landed on the doorstep. Guess what, last year Nottinghamshire police was the biggest increase with a 4.9% rise in the police precept, and this year they are the biggest increase with a 4.8% rise.

Given they have just been ranked as the worst police force in the country I decided to send a little email to the police authority.

Firstly Ive asked why, given they are the worst performing force in the country, do they think a rise in funding is the answer. Then I’ve asked why in the nice brochure that comes with your council tax bill does it claim certain crimes have gone done, yet the HM Inspectorate of Constabularies finds they are the worst force and also have the highest level of violent crime which doesn’t warrant a mention.

Finally I have asked why are they comparing a 10 month period ending 31 January, to a similar 10 month period the previous year to base supposed falls in crime? Wouldn’t most people have annualised figures and compare one 12 month period with another, or maybe that would show something very different?

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