Labour have no money to pay for ads…

Well apart from all the money Unite give them. But then they don’t need to worry because they are using the taxpayers (our) money to pump out ads all over the place.

Indeed central Government advertising in January 2010 was the highest ever January on record, burning through a massive £30 million of taxpayers’ cash in that month alone.

In the year from February 2009 to January 2010, government advertising was £223 million.

Given they have taken the country to the brink of bankruptcy they probably think whats a few hundred million!!

5 Responses to Labour have no money to pay for ads…

  1. Really this is a crime every bit as serious as the charges Labour now are having to answer in court.

    It's political corruption – plain and simple.

  2. toryradio says:

    I wonder how much more they can spend before the election is called!Jonathan Sheppard

    • PartyOn says:

      its small change compared to the £97 billion for new nuclear weopons even the army don't want – we could probably be halfway to clearing the national debt with that amount.

  3. Radio Ads says:

    Arrest them if they spend more.

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