Don't vote? Don't moan?

I just finished watching The Peoples Politician, and it made me think that those who don’t vote really lose their right to vote. In fact I said as much as twitter. I was picked up by a twitter follower saying that wasn’t really fair as the main three parties may not necessarily representthe views of everyone.

My come back was – well you should stand yourself if you don’t like what the the main parties are offering. Oh but I was told that doing that was not feasible, “because it means taking hours out of you life, possibly a new career (Hah!) and massive other trouble. For what, exactly?”

Well there you have it. First excuse is not liking the choices . Fine I can appreciate that,  but when I suggest getting off the couch and doing it yourself it’s too much trouble. Sorry if you don’t vote because you don’t like the choices, but aren’t prepared to have a go yourself I have no sympathy. It’s all too easy to sit on the sidelines and moan without being prepared to do something yourself!

6 Responses to Don't vote? Don't moan?

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  3. abe says:

    Why anyone would want to vote for the gameshow of politics that we have in this country is beyond me. The reason people dont vote is because they are sick and tired of lies, deceit, and plastic politicians. People are complaining by not voting. Its a democratic right to have a non vote, of no confidence.

    Its like those bad talent shows you see, where you have to pick a winner from a not terribly good bunch of singers. Who ever you vote for you end up with a mediocre song, for a set period of time.

    Its logical not to vote if you feel none are any good. It would be illogical to pick a choice you didnt want, and then moan about them later. Why would you increase the chances of voting in something you didnt want?

    Its the people who do vote for a party and moan about them later , who should be quiet. After all, they are the ones who voted them in!

    All the best.

    • toryradio says:

      Not a very logical argument. Not sure voting in a talent show has implications for things that effect your life every day.. bit maybe you know better Abe.

      Then you make the poingt for me. You bemoan plastic politicians – but advocate firstly not voting – and if you say you dont like any of the candidates on offer.. well get off your bum and stand yourself. Or is it too easy to be an armchair general and moan but do nothing?

      • abe says:

        The logic was fine. I wasobviously drawing an analogy between the lack of choice with the talent show reference. Effectively I feel you are not dis-agreeing with me on my main points.

        As for standing?, I dont think I would get very far. I have the attributes of honesty, non-bullshit, and complete independence from the EU (something your party has been like a wet fish with).

        Sadly those attributes dont seem to get you very far. Maybe if I take the tory attributes of public relations, media sound bites, brown (ok blue) nosing, and hot air, I could become a success. But who would want to have anything to do with that? Oh hang on, you do!

  4. Jonathan Sheppard says:

    Again someone else bemoaning the politicians yet not willing to stand themselves. Sorry no time for arm chair moaning. As for Europe a little research would highlight my views given my political history. Oh well. You can moan for the next 27 days or so, not vote and moan about the result and implications. As for me I'm off out delivering. In this beautiful weather its highly recommended.

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