Should you be discriminatory in the name of equality?

I listened to BBC Question Time and had to double take when they suggested they would have an all women audience. How very very bizarre. Surely it would be more interesting to have an all women panel but no – apparently there will be men on the panel.

Is it legal to have an audience which excludes 50 percent of the population? I mean there has been a fuss about male only clubs (though god knows why anyone would want to join) yet the BBC want to use taxpayers money on a show that men can’t be in the audience for.

You see for me, no matter what has happened in the past you do not achieve equality by discriminating against a group that perhaps had the “upper hand”. We know for years men were the favoured sex. For salaries for voting – my god for everything. But do you achieve equality by being discriminative against them – even if it for just one night? There is no such thing as positive discrimination. Its just discrimination.

For me it is a principle. That’s why I do not support all women shortlists. I joined the party in 1990 as a kid because I believed in meritocracy. You can achieve whatever you want, no matter what you look like, what sex you are or indeed where you came from. I still believe that – which is why I find any move that is supposedly done in the name of equality that is clearly discriminatory, is just plain wrong.

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