Is this election a battle between the Conservatives and the Unions?

For all their moaning about Lord Ashcroft – Labour happily gloss over who their paymasters are, namely the Union. And just how much money has Unite coughed up for the cause?

Last year Unite gave the Labour party £3.6 million. How very nice of them.

And now we learn that an event due to be held in Parliament has been cancelled due to a complaint made by Eric Pickles about a Parliamentary Room being used for party campaigning purposed.

Apparently invitations to Unite members made clear that the purpose of the event was to campaign for Labour in the General Election:

‘Unite is campaigning for a Labour win in the parliamentary and local government elections later this year.  Our members are convinced this is the right thing to do and are inviting you to play a part in our campaign… To get things moving on the campaign, we are inviting you to a reception at the House of Commons.’

‘Your MPs and Counsellors [sic] will be there, as well as senior union representatives.  More importantly, other members will be there from Unite and the unions we are campaigning with.’

With all that money sloshing around you really would think Unite could afford a room, even if the Labour party, given the state of their finances, can’t.

2 Responses to Is this election a battle between the Conservatives and the Unions?

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  2. Greg London says:

    I really think it is. Hopefully the conservatives can gain some ground so that government doesn't keep on expanding at such a fast rate.

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