Someone tinkered with the tweet of David Wright MP

David Wright was exposed for publishing a tweet unbecoming of an Minister. I retweeted the whole tweet to him with the words disgraceful.

David Wright doesn’t correct the tweet but publishes one which says, “Oh dear, upsetting Tories again. Must’ve hit a nerve”. I published the tweet as did Iain Dale. The original tweet disappears and some of the original words are gone – even though they were clear for all to see and never in his response to anyone does he say he didn’t use the words published.

The Telegraph clearly get in touch and guess what…he uses the excuse “someone has tinkered with my tweet”. No whilst that sounds like a painful medical condition you aren’t fooling anyone. We know what you said, but I suppose we shouldn’t expect a Labour Minister to admit to a mistake. A certain analogy about pigs and flying would probably be in keeping with the subject.

See I can play tribal politics too!

UPDATE:- Paul Waugh of the Evening Standard casts his damning verdict


4 Responses to Someone tinkered with the tweet of David Wright MP

  1. If the eejit had just put his hands up to it, we'd have huffed and puffed of course, but then forgotten about it in favour of more important issues. But now it's about honesty. Does Labour really need our help to tear itself apart?

  2. Jon Rosenberg says:

    David Wright is a liar. Well yes, clearly from this story he is. The trouble is that the current administration has made lying the norm rather than the exception in Labour ranks. The truth appears to be used as an occasional tactic, for which they expect to be praised for using, rather than simply the natural thing to do in almost every circumstance.
    This attitude to the truth goes hand in glove with one of Labour's other appalling habits, also given an airing here. They are insistent that anyone who disagrees with their policies is morally less than they are and consequently fair game for any attack however puerile or unpleasant.
    It has made mature political debate increasingly difficult.

  3. Kerry says:

    Personally I think Scum sucking pigs is a bit on the nice side. I despise most politicians, but especially Tories. You make my flesh crawl.

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