So who really is winning the battle and influencing on twitter?

Well the Tweetminster report certainly created a few ripples in the world of twitter – but are all their claims justified?

For example the exclusion of Tory Radio because they believe the majority of our followers are bots? Not sure I agree – but is there anything wrong with following as many people as possible – it’s called engagement. Their claim that the Tory twitter effort is dominated by a “party machine” has already been debunked. As far as I can see on the top 20 most followed people on the left there isn’t much grassroots representation, but perhaps all those algorithims come up with a different conclusion than I would.

Now Iain Dale has helpfully produced a list which provides us with the most followed Tories which you can read here. Like Iain I have never claimed that followers equates to influence.

So what to do. Well the helpful people at Edelman also have a nice piece of software where you can put in your own twitter username and it will calculate a score that equates to your influence.

The first figures is their ranking using the very interesting Edelman Tweet level website which you can use here. The figures in brackets is how people appeared in Iain Dale’s rankings which solely focused on number of followers. And the final number is the “Tweet Level”.


1. (4) Iain Dale – 65
2. (10) Tory Bear – 63
3. (2) Tory Radio – 60
4. (3) Conservative Party – 59
5. (8) Tim Montgomerie – 58
6. (1) Boris Johnson – 56
7. (13) Craig Elder– 55
8. (17) Samuel Coates -51
9. (9) Louise Bagshawe – 49
=10. (5) Grant Shapps -46
=10. (16) Nadine Dorries – 46
12. (18) Tory Politico – 44
13. (7) James Cleverly – 43
=14. (11) Eric Pickles – 42
=14. (20) Shane Greer – 42
16. (14) Henry Macrory – 40
17. (12) Danny Finkelstein – 38
18. (19) Jonathan Isaby – 36
19. (15) Dan Hannan – 31
20. (6) Trueblueblood – 4

Interestingly the likes of @graemearcher would appear in this list with a score of 50. That doesn’t surprise me as Graeme is very engaging on twitter as he is in his blog posts. Now if you think Im doing this for the lefties.. think again, they can do it for themselves, though I would be interested in their scores.

If you should appear in this list do let me know!

Note:- Thanks to Edelman for their great Tweet Level Tool



7 Responses to So who really is winning the battle and influencing on twitter?

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  2. Mark Reckons says:

    I've had a crack at doing a similar list for Lib Dems here:

    There is quite a serious methodological flaw with this approach. See my post for details.

  3. Steve Green says:

    Steve Green Daily_Ref score = 37

  4. Steve Green says:

    Sorry here is the link: I scored 37 with Daily_Ref</a

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