To tweet or not to tweet – that's the question for Cameron

Well actually that was the question put to him by Tim Montgomerie and Cameron’s press conference today. Cameron seemed to be less than convinced.

Now Tim has put forward his case for twitter as a communications channel on ConHome. Now I like twitter much more than facebook. I get fed up of being invited to this that and the other. On twitter I can flag up a blog post put a brief comment and engage. But can you really debate in 140 characters? I mean can you really?

And then of course you have to ask yourself what’s the point. If I was an MP my priority is to my constituents. It is very hard to prove your followers are your electorate – and actually your priority is to them.

Then of course do we really want our Ministers spending thre do tweeting when they actually should be sorting the country out.

I’d really really like to know the views that people have.

Of course you can follow Tory Radio @toryradio – we have nearly 22,000 followers. (Size is everything you know)/


3 Responses to To tweet or not to tweet – that's the question for Cameron

  1. asquith says:

    I've forgotten how, but it can't be hard because I've managed to do it- you can get your tweets sent to Facebook automatically & posted as status updates. So I never have to work on FB beyond reading other people's updates.

    As for Twitter, I'd advise Cameron to use it because it would enable him to post links to news about him, his speeches, etc. This is in my view the best use of the medium that exists, & none of the many attacks on Twitter that I've read have ever acknowledged this.

    Debating via Twitter is something I would not consider doing. You need more detail. Also, I dislike any kind of real-time debvate including on TV, perhaps because I'd be woeful at it myself, but also because I don't think it has much to do with ability to lead. Sometimes an instant response is needed but there's no shame in going away to look something up or thinking about it for an hour before reaching a decision. That, of course, is never possible in the mediums I've discussed. Whereas it is in email exchanges & to an extent discussions like this one.

    • editor says:

      Yes you can you can just click a button on tweetdeck if you have it. Frankly I find facebook to be a pain – but a very personal choice. A bit like whether you love the Iphone of Blackberry I suspect. With regards debate I think what I meant was if someone wants to argue with you its very hard to say what you want in 140 characters which means it can just degenerate into personal insults. At least on a blog you can set your stall out and then let others come in ad say you are talking rubish – or that they agree. I think you are right about Twitter being very useful to highlight more substantive posts on blogs and websites.

  2. Guy The Mac says:

    Rather than do a huge cut and paste – I've just dumped my tuppenneth worth on the Twitter debate here:

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