If you object to Kraft taking over Cadbury you better not use US goods

One of m favourites when I lived in the US
One of my favourites when I lived in the US

Yes that’s right. If you so object to an American company taking over a British company, even if you really believe it’s “an institution” then you really shouldn’t be using US products. I mean how can you criticise a US company buying a UK on and yet not be supporting a British company here in the UK by instead buying from a US based corporate.

That means no Levi jeans; no McDonalds or diet cokes for you. Give back your I-Phone and no looking at Google while sipping on your over priced coffee in Starbucks.

But then I don’t object to Kraft taking over Cadbury – just as I don’t want to see protectionist measures when British companies do likewise abroad.


17 Responses to If you object to Kraft taking over Cadbury you better not use US goods

  1. At least it wasnt Hershey
    Have you tasted a Hershey bar?
    If everyone in Britain had to eat a Hershey bar the takeover of Cadbury would have become an election issue.

    • editor says:

      Oh indeed I have. I lived in the US as a kid for three years. I liken Hershey chocolate to a slightly cheey taste – and the texture is sometimes almost gritty. I won't be purchasing Hersheys kisses anytime soon.

  2. BM says:

    Surely you can have objections to the sale of Cadbury's that aren't rooted in nationalism?

    For example, perhaps you object to Kraft's harmanisation of products, as has been seen in other countries where the main chocolate producer was bought.

    • editor says:

      Alternatively Kraft could open up the US market to Cadbury chocolate and allow it to take on Hershey in a big way which inmy view is a far inferior chocolate. The automatic assumption that a takeover is bad taken by some is false.

  3. Cadbury has become much more dominant in the States in the last decade. But American ego-narcisistic attitudes keep Hershey strong the same as with beers like Budweiser.

  4. Andrew Smith says:

    The US would follow its own interest if they felt that they were poorly served by a take over deal. They weren't happy about Dubai trying to buy their ports and have long complained about the risk of technology transfers to China in some deals. It wouldn't harm the UK to look carefully at this deal and possibly reject it on the grounds it won't serve UK stakeholders.

    If Kraft want Cadbury they should put something beneficial to the UK on the table. The French would never let them have Danone without a huge fight.

    • editor says:

      Its interesting that lots of people talk about supporting British – I wonder how many people bought Burger King when owned by Grand Met over McDonalds? I wonder how many go into M&S and chose the clothes made in Britain – or when you check your labels of the clothes you wear will you find most people havent supported British goods at all? Do you shop at ASDA – owned by Walmart or make a decision never to visit? I think I know the answer.

  5. I'm happy to buy British OR American (or French, Italian, etc). Where I draw the line is Israeli goods with the sticker "made in Palestine" indicating that, however innocent the manufacturers, tax will be taken from monies raised to fund terrorist operations – possibly on a bus or train near you. When buying Israeli goods, I ensure there's ne Palestine sticker.

  6. Ian R Thorpe says:

    Objections are not naionalistic but business based. If Cadbury had been trying to take over hershey or Kraft they would have faced all sorts of legal and protectionist obstacles.

    Whatever President, be it Obama, Bush, Clinton or Reagan, has spoken of globalisation they do not include America in the "opening of domestic markets to foreign competition" bit.

    So why should we always be willing to wave goodby to British jobs and see British profits expatriated. I though this was Tory radio, your comments sound like socialist internationalism.

    On a less serious note, we at Boggart Blog are not lookinf forward to Fruit and Nut Dairylea.

    • editor says:

      I beg to differ – your comments sound like socialist protectionist measures. As John Redwood has alredy pointed out Cadbury has not been British owned for years. You do realise that the shareholders will in a majority be not UK based?

      As for the US – I can only comment on having lived their and having a US step mother, and my own experience in business. I see Shell and BP all over the US. I see Tesco wanting to expand in the market. I see Virgin doing well their in telecomms. I even see Boots products on the shelves of US retailers. I wonder what experience you base you comments re the US?

      Speaking of Boots – which employed 80,000 people. I didn't see much fuss when that was taken over – yet Cadbury employs 6,000? Is the issue an issue of heart over head?

  7. OperaNut says:

    No but then there was a huge out cry when Wimpy started to disappear, not that there was much of a change in quality, BK/Wimpy, both provided fast food but with a British twist, lets see how long we can actually take to make fast food slow!

    • editor says:

      There is still a Wimpy in Newark. Thats my point though – people talk about supporting British companies (in spite of the fact that companies sucha Cadbury have shareholders who most likely in the majority are not British) yet use US or "foreign" companies over British companies every day. When pointed out many don't like it. I wonder how many people have purchased a car built in the UK – say from the Nissan plany. That employs British people. People have to choice to buy one… lots don't though.

  8. Idobek says:

    I love it when these discussions get to fast food. I remember Wimpys as… not very good, or fast. I've never been a fan of BK's food. McDs is the best at what they do in this country. It isn't that Wimpy couldn't compete; they simply didn't.

    Now, if Wendy's would cross the Atlantic it would be a different story.

    • editor says:

      Ah Wendy's – I remember their "where's the beef" attack ads on McDonalds when I lived in the States as a kid. In fact when over their this Xmas period Wendy's was the final meal we had before heading back.. Mmmmm Burgers!

  9. jayne says:

    Cabury choccolate is britsh and should stay that way. Brownville was famous for making cabury choccolates. It wont be famous after kraft take over it. Please, think about it, kraft taking over and brownville villiage be just a place were you live. not somewere you go to be shown how to make choccolate. cabury choccolate factory in brownville is one of the best birimingham's best day trips. please dont take over.

    • editor says:

      I appreciate how passsionate you feel however Cadbury hasnt been owned by the British for years. Bournville (not Brownville) has been famous for chocolate just as Nottingham was famous for being the home of Raleigh bikes and Boots. Boots is privately owned now (was actually bought by Americans many years ago and then sold) and Raleigh bikes is no more. I would have thought in the economic climate we should be welcoming investment in this company.

  10. shogun41 says:

    Hmm, let me see mow.
    We do not own the water….France does.
    We dont own the electricity.. I believe again france does.
    criminals and gypsies have more human rights that the aggrieved, well, according to the EU amyway!
    Chocolates and bicuits are in the main are owned by the USA.
    Most of the car maufacturing / production lines are foreign owned.
    A lot of fleet street is fooreign owned.
    Who ownes the internet?
    That just about takes care of most of our British greatness… down the swanny
    It won’t be many more years into the future when some foreign chappy will find a way to become owner of the very air we breathe here in the UK

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