Fire service policy to cost lives?

Last week my former opponent, John Mann MP, rasied an issue about the handful of MPs on duty on a Friday night in a division in Notts. Apparently out of a full compliment of over 2,400 officers only 14 were on duty on a Friday night. I have to say given my experience in Nottinghamshire it wouldn’t surprise me.

I have also written about when the 87 year old Grandma of my wife fell over and broke her shoulder no ambulance came, and she had to self diagnose over the phone in spite of there being an ambulance station literally 200 yards from her flat (which she walked home to).

Now a story reaches me about what is happening to the fire service. I completely understand the luncacy of people calling out the fire service on flase alarm. It must annoy the hell out of the firemen and women – and as we were always told at school – false alarms cost lives.

According to a friend in the fire service, now if you call the fire service they first of all ask you – do you really need them? Fine – againI can appreciate that. The same probably applies to doctors who have to deal with people with sniffles which means really ill patients cant get appointments. BUT what apparently happens now is that if you report a fire and dial 999 they don’t send a fire engine. They send someone in the fire service, out in a car, who will then have a look and if they think its serious enough, a fire engine will come.

Hang on. I always thought time was crucial. If not why do fire engines have blue lights and sirens if they dont have to get to an emergency quickly. I an see th logic in sending a car around first – as it will cut out fase alarm, but unfortunately isnt that part of the job. What happens when someone dies because the car took 10 inutes to arrive and then the engines another 10 minutes? Surely turning up to a few falsi alarms may be a price worth paying if when time really matters, the firemen and women get there and do their great work?

Is this a policy that happens elsewhere??


Oppenheim on Blair

Phillip Oppenheim has just recorded a podcast on Blair – looking at Blair, WMD’s and why we chose to invade one country and not another.

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The Seven Days Show – episode 6

SevenDaysShowSunday Night isn’t X factor night – it’s The Seven Days Show night. In our sixth show we discuss yet another twitter spat, this time involving Iain and Labour “twitter tsar” Kerry McCarthy. Other subjects include the Pre-Budget report; Opinion polls and what they mean for the party; Candidates and what we should be looking for; Restoring faith in politics and finally what Iain really wants for Christmas. (Has he been naughty or nice though?)

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Its environmentally friendly… honest


Xmas preset getting picked up in New Year. (For Mrs Tory Radio of course).

Exclusive interview with Conservative Party Chairman

Eric Pickles

Tory Radio took the time to “Challenge the Chairman” in our now regular podcast interview with Eric Pickles.

This month we covered a lot of ground, from the Labour instigated “Tory Toffs” campaign right down to possible dates for the election.

Selected extracts (any errors are my fault) include:-

Tory Toffs smear – “The Tory toff is only going to get applause among those rather rich rather privileged members of the Labour party who haven’t the remotest idea of what it is to be working class ”
Why their attacks are personality based – “They are running a core vote strategy. Its to try and energise a core vote. They want to press particular buttons. Its noticeable they are playing the class card. They don’t really understand what working class people want to do. Of course working class people are no different from anyone else.”
On the Labour Cabinet – “They are so posh.. Just because they went to really good schools I don’t think we should look down our noses at them.”
On candidates and candidate selections – “The parliamentary party does not look sensible, is not as balanced, is not as right without having more women in it…… We are at our best when we are widely reflective of the wider community.” ……”Now no matter how much empathy a male  MP might have, we are kind of letting the team down if we don’t have a greater preponderance of women.”
Are we ready for the election?
“They can go tomorrow – we can have it (the election) next week and we are ready.”
On 25th March possible General Election date, following the Pre Budget Report – “They’ve just postponed everything and let the problem get greater…… it’s clear to me what we’ve got is probably a cut and run strategy. (They are)Frightened of telling the British people the truth. Hoping through hope that things will get better.”
On people considering voting for others – “The only way Lib dems can see their views on green issues and personal liberty…. the only way they can see that brought into Government is to vote Conservative.”

“If someone wants to more of our powers surrendered to europe then by all means vote UKIP. If they vote enough they’ll damage us and Mr Brown will be elected and his track record of giving powers away to Brussels is beyond dispute.”
Christmas message to activists – “Christmas is the time for giving. This is what you should be giving.More time to the local party to go out canvassing. More time to do some delivery… I want them on Christmas day to put their feet up watch the Queen, They can have a bit of turkey and enjoy things. And look because they’ve been good all year they can have boxing day off. But I want them back on the campaign trail all the earlier in the New Year.”

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Post PBR polling analysis exclusive podcast – from ComRes

Andrew Hawkins, CEO of ComRes spoke to Tory Radio exclusively about the Daily Politics ComRes poll conducted on Wednesday evening – early Thursday following the Pre Budget Report

According to Andrew, there are three important indicators why the Tories should be fairly confident.

1) Publics confidence in the economic team of Gordon Brown and Darling has hit its lowest point since the measure has been tracked since Autumn 2008. Only 26% give their trust to Brown and Darling above the other economic teams.

2) The public are beginning to become resistant to the idea that the Government is rescuing the economy.

3) An increasing resistance on the part of the public to pay to get us out of the mess.

Also gives us an idea as to what we can expect in the election campaign narrative after Xmas.

What we expect to see is a competition to protect and preserve front line services. The Pre Budget Report could be seen as politically astute  Poll data suggests the measures in the PBR- the going easy on public services wasn’t a bad strategy to take.

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Is John Mann MP right about the lack of police officers out there?

My former opponent in Bassetlaw John Mann MP doesn’t usually get things right (in my view) however he did hit the nail on the head with his intervention at the end of PMQs this week. (Click the play button in the right hand column for this weeks PMQs which took place on 09 -12-09)

Essentially he asked why when he went out with the police on a Friday night where there only 14 out of around 2400 police men and women on duty? That’s right 14 out of over 2,400. It appears as though policing has been allowed to become like a “normal” job.

Do they think the criminals don’t operate out of 9 to 5 hours?

I really hope that as with other things, perhaps he has got this one wrong and Nottinghamshire police had a few more officers on duty in the  respective division which was asked about.

If my own experience is anything to go by, I fear this time, he may be right