Best sign so far!

Tory Radio has decamped to the USA to get away from the horrible UK weather. It is just gone 9:15 am where I am, the sand is white, the sea blue, and not that many people around.

On the way to the beach I passed one of the best signs I have seen so far. It read “Inmates working ahead” and up ahead prisoners were busying themselves picking litter off the roads. If in the UK we allow convicted murderes to go shopping – and then escape i wonder why we couldn’t have others kept at Her Majestys pleasure doing some of the jobs we need done as part of their pay back to society?  They used to make mail bags – so why not a modern day equivalent?

3 Responses to Best sign so far!

  1. Ellee says:

    I remember you doing this before over Christmas, and I don't blame you. I hope you and your wife have a lovely Christmas, and happy new year too.

  2. Mike Rouse says:

    I hear there’s a railroad that needs building to support new high speed rail…

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