Seven Days Show podcast with Iain Dale

SevenDaysShowWelcome once again to The Seven Days Show podcast hosted by myself and Iain Dale. In this week’s episode we talk about the Queen’s Speech; the Electoral Commission’s bizarre decision to allow a donation to the Lib Dems; our new European President (including two awful impressions of a Liverpudlian accent); the awful possibility of a hung Parliament; the terrible floods in Cumbria – and why the climate change fanatics will use it as further evidence of man made climate change and finally the possibility of locally elected Police Commissioners.

Iain was as always forthright with his opinions….. though why he thinks I won’t get into the Chelsea squad I don’t know… I could of course just pass some legislation – as that make things happen (like cutting the deficit in half).

If you want to download the podcast to your computer, you can of course us this direct link, alternatively just click the play button at the top of this post.


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