The CWU are pushing my loyalty to the limit

My first proper job after University once I had my Masters degree was in the mail room of Post Office counters headquarters in Chesterfield. My mother worked for the Group Treasury function at Royal Mail for over 20 years. You could say Royal Mail is in my blood.

For that reason I have always tried to be loyal to the company. I support my local sub-post office. My business bank account was with Alliance and Leicester as I could use the sub-post office and they would get a transaction fee. The use it or lose it phrase meant something to me having seen thousands of post offices close since 1997.

Then of course we look at Royal Mail. I still opt to get my bills and bank statements by paper. OK its not that environmentally friendly. But I like letters and I still think its a way of supporting Royal Mail. I still send Christmas cards – none of this online card nonesense!

BUT this strike is really testing my loyalty to the limits. Two cheques posted by an individual for my company have not arrived, so I have now opted to get paid by BACS. Now none of my bills are arriving so I have opted to have them emailed.

It’s only three little things, but if you multiply that across the country, and then look at what the mass mailers are doing you can see that whilst the CWU would still have you believe they have a monopoly and can hold customers to ransom there are choices out there and people are taking them.

You know what. Management at Royal Mailk may not be perfect, but neither is the CWU, and this national strike will do nothing but damage the business they supposedly want to protect. Mail volumes are dropping, and after this strike the only way is down.

Well done guys…. is this what you really wanted?

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