Do women really need encouragement to stand for Parliament?

An inspiration to both men and women?

An inspiration to both men and women?

Of course I can’t answer that question, given I’m not one, but I do find it slightly bizarre that during the whole debate as to whether the Conservative party should adopt all women shortlists there was a comment that women need to be inspired to do the job.

Oh come on. In my lifetime the Conservatives have been in power from 1979 to 1997. So 18 years. And out of those years we had a female prime minister and female party leader for well over 50% of our time in power.

Yes there are things thatcan be done to make it easier for women to enter politics, but to say women have no inspiration and may leave politics because they have to fight an unwinnable seat (haven’t we all done that??) is a nonsense! If Lady Thatcher inspired so many men to get invovled in politics I really would question the motivation of any woman who said they needed more inspiration to get involved.

Tim Montgomerie at ConHome has written about 20 ways he feels women can be attracted to politics 

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