Positive discrimination elsewhere?

So there is the possibility that the party will move to all women shortlists for future safe seats (a move that would of course be illegal under employment law in other areas).

Now forgive me a little digression – but can’t the converse argument to needing more female MPs be made with regards primary school teachers?

I suspect the percentage of male primary school teachers will be less than the percentage of femaleMPs post the next election. Certainly the number of males going into primary education is woefully low! I would suggest that the lack of a male role model is a huge issue – perhaps even more important than the sex of your MP.

Do we as a party advocate a policy now having selections for new hires in primary school based on male only shortlists? I mean. We do need to readress that balance too. And of course we really should offer our children role models in equal numbers – not just female. So if we seriously want to go down the route of actively ruling out male candidates (whether the ends are justifiable or not) so we advocate something similar for primary schools, except this time – ensuring the male of the species get the role?

Oh but you will say not enough males apply. Hmmm – same for getting into politics but for females.

I guess what I want to show is that you can have virtuous objectives – but do the ends justify the means?


8 Responses to Positive discrimination elsewhere?

  1. Northampton Saint says:

    Postitive discrimination..

    .. a contradiction in terms?

  2. editor says:

    Couldnt agree more.

  3. Leftists are obsessed with equality to the point that its almost an obsessive compulsive disorder with them. Watch out for the coming quotas by age group, racial background, and % LGBT.

  4. Keynesianism says:

    Best person for the job I say be it male/female, black/white etc. There are however circumstances where a person's ethnicity might be considered advantageous, for example when policing areas of high concentrations of ethnic minorities. I'm not sure such circumstances apply in politics.
    Teaching is predominately a female profession, especially in the primary sector, and arguably more male teachers will address the issue of male role models. Unfortunately stereotypes seldom apply. I have worked with many female teachers who provide excellent role models for all children, equally I have worked with some males who provide poor role models. Who in politics has provided a role model of strong determined leadership and a willingness to make serious and difficult decisions? Mrs Thatcher of course, far from being your stereotypical bloke!

  5. Duncan Stott says:

    16% of primary school teachers are male.

    20% of MPs are female.

    So your suspicion was correct, but your argument is so much more convincing when you can back it up with stats.

  6. Treat says:

    All white shortlists for med school. 😉

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