EXCLUSIVE – Party Chairman Eric Pickles talks to Tory Radio

Eric Pickles took time out of his schedule to talk to Tory Radio on the eve of David Camerons speech to party conference.

“Uncle” Eric as I described him talked about how he felt the Labour Conference went, and what activists have to do to ensure a Conservative election victory. His message of not being complacent flows through the interview (in particular listen to when he thinks I mean Cameron has come to power as opposed to taking over the leadership of the party).

Podcasts brought to you in association with Fleishman Hillard

Podcasts brought to you in association with Fleishman Hillard

This really is a must listen to interview!!

Highlights include:-

Discussion of Labour’s reaction to losing the support of The Sun and why it was “a text book of what not to do” .

Why he thinks Andrew Marr crossed the line in questioning whether the PM is on medication.

How our priorities are going to focus on dealing with the deficit; protecting the poor; and how we will be judged in how effective we are in inner cities and tackling depravation.

On the forthcoming campaign why it is likely to be a dirty campaign… but how we will sack anyone invovled in dirty tricks on our side.

Finally on David Cameron’s speech, how he is gong to say something fresh and say something that unifies the party and the nation.

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