UK broadband "not fit" for future

Good god.. Given Im getting at best 300kb instead of the 20MB I pay for it isn’t fit for present day! 20 minutes on the phone to BT they have escalated it to their line faults team. I know the next stage as we’ve been there before. Take the plate off the line, meddle about with the wires and see if that works. Mess around with the filters etc…

…It didn’t work last time it won’t work this time. And then we got stung with a £100 charge when two blokes from Open Reach messed around for about 120 seconds (I kid you not) and at least got me back to the 1MB download speed.

That’s all I want.. but I’ll be damned if I will pay another £100 for them to sort it out!

One Response to UK broadband "not fit" for future

  1. Gavin says:

    12 years of ZANU-Labour has left us well behind in the technology world. The South Korean government is implementing 1GBps – 50 times the fastest UK broadband.

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