Do you remember Bryan Gould?

Bryan Gould

Bryan Gould

Do any of you remember Bryan Gould – ex Labour MP who once challenged for the leadership.

I just dug out some of my letters I received from various politicians that I had written to when writing for a student paper. In one letter I asked Bryan why was he leaving the Labour party and going back to New Zealand. In his response from April 1994 are a few words which certainly seem to be ringing true in 2009:-

“I am, however, a little unenthusiastic about the current direction of the Party. I feel that we are not offering a clear enough alternative to Toryism and that our policies lack a radical cutting edge. Most of all, I am concerned that the next Labour Government (if our recent performance is anything to go by – particularly on the issues like the ERM) will again deflate the economy at the behest of the financial establishment and thereby do great damage to the living standards of ordinary people and to the public services on which they rely. This has happened all too often in the past and I wish I could feel more confident that it was not going to happen this time as well.”

As they say, “who’d have thunk”?


The postman knocked just once.. but what about the Conference pass?

I had to have a wry smile on my face on returning from a well deserved break on the West coast of Scotland.

Royal Mail managed to deliver my letter from the Sleaford and North Hykeham Consevative Association letting me know I hadn’t been shortlisted for their parliamentary selection. (I always think the least that you could get would be a signed letter – as opposed to a poorly scanned signature but maybe that’s me?) Yet have Royal Mail managed to deliver my Conference Pass? Have they hill. Strangely none of the three passes Tory Radio applied for have arrived?

I hope Fingerprint event aren’t struggling to get passes out? Has anyone else not received their conference pass? Maybe it’s a sign of just how many people will be in Manchster.

Don't you just love Charles Clarke

Charles Clarke tonight on Newsnight not only suggested there were four or five people in the Cabinet who could be PM, but that any one of them could do a better job than the current incumbent.

Excellent stuff!!

Sunny Inverness

Rain again on the West coast of Scotland so we have taken the car and driven 2 and a half hours to Inverness and guess what – the sun is shining! Mrs Tory Radio is very happy!

What is Nick Clegg thinking of

So far the Lib Dem conference is looking like a shambolic. Clegg to me is being tactically stupid going for con man attacks on Cameron, and identifying the Conservatives as ‘David Cameron’s Conservtives’. Even Labour are accepting that personal attacks don’t stick so what are they hoping to achieve.

Then we have talk of savage cuts, tuition fees u turn. How’s that going to go down with both the delegates and their core vote after the trouble they had scrapping their 50p rate policy. I’m not sure the Lib Dems will get much of a boost from this conference.

Andrew Woodman

Don't play the race card here

So James Macintyre believes and I quote, “I believe the Conservative Party is institutionally racist. I always have done.” Apparently his publication supports that stance so much that the post hasbeen removed even though you can at the time of writing read it here.

I always wonder when “journalists” start off with a proposition and the try to find some sort of feeble evidence to prove it, so they can say, well look everyone I was right. We can all do that.

I’m off to Scotland in the morning for a lovely holiday. They all hate the English with a passion – the racists. I mean, it must be true, as once when I went for a job which would have involved lobbying the Scottish Parliament I was told, “They won’t like you because you’re English”. Sorry mate – it doesn’t work that way.

I could list the number of new MPs that won’t be stereotypically middle class and white and indeed male, but why should I let Mr Macintyre dictate this pathetic debate.

I could for example say that hey the Labour party must be institutionally racist, as the BNP always seem to enjoy success in areas that are traditional Labour heartlands and if they weren’t racist, surely they would be doing something to counter this. I haven’t seen so much BNP success in those leafy suburbs where the Conservative party has traditionally been strong.

Of course the authos own comments to people who challenge him onhis blog post perhaps go to show why he should be dismissed.

  • Are you going to vote for David Cameron’s Tories?
  • Do you believe the Opposition should face scrutiny, or just be handed power without a debate?
  • Do you have jobs?
  • How often to you surf blogsites posting abuse?
  • Are you scared of daylight, only come out at night?
  • Are you real people who engage sociallywith other individuals in the normal way?

Oh dear James – as soon as you start playing the man and not the debate you really have lost it. I guess I have to agree with Tim Montgomerie who tweeted that I believe the New Statesman is institutionally nasty!

Campaign free for all on internet come the next election.

Forgive me, but is this really  shock? I remember when I first stood for Parliament in 1997 as a young 22 year old in the City of York, the then MP (and still MP) had his agent taken to teh high court as they had accidentally forgotten to put their imprint on a set of leaflets. For some reason as one of the candidates I received all the papers relating to the case. Quite rightly in my view nothing happened as it appeared to be an honest mistake and would hardly have made any difference to the result.

Along comes the internet and now the electoral commission is suggesting that it won’t be able to police what is on it during the election. Well it really doesn’t come as a surprise.

How can they stop for example someone in another country producing an attack ad during the election? As far as I can see they can’t. How can they stop anyone producing a viral campaign that attacks one side or another at a national or local level? I don’t think the can.

The onus may well be on a parliamentary candidate to prove that such information is not being produced as part of their campaign – but surely there is absolutely nothing that can be done if someone takes it upon themselves to produce campaigning material and puts it online during an election?

Or am I missing something?

If someone wanted to produce material slagging me off personally and my campaign at the last election what could I have done as a candidate to stop it? If it wasn’t produced by my opponent I can’t see I would have much recourse. The internet crosses not just cobstituency boundaries but national boundaries which is why come the General Election there may well be an campaign free for all on the internet.