Sunny Inverness

Rain again on the West coast of Scotland so we have taken the car and driven 2 and a half hours to Inverness and guess what – the sun is shining! Mrs Tory Radio is very happy!

What is Nick Clegg thinking of

So far the Lib Dem conference is looking like a shambolic. Clegg to me is being tactically stupid going for con man attacks on Cameron, and identifying the Conservatives as ‘David Cameron’s Conservtives’. Even Labour are accepting that personal attacks don’t stick so what are they hoping to achieve.

Then we have talk of savage cuts, tuition fees u turn. How’s that going to go down with both the delegates and their core vote after the trouble they had scrapping their 50p rate policy. I’m not sure the Lib Dems will get much of a boost from this conference.

Andrew Woodman

Don't play the race card here

So James Macintyre believes and I quote, “I believe the Conservative Party is institutionally racist. I always have done.” Apparently his publication supports that stance so much that the post hasbeen removed even though you can at the time of writing read it here.

I always wonder when “journalists” start off with a proposition and the try to find some sort of feeble evidence to prove it, so they can say, well look everyone I was right. We can all do that.

I’m off to Scotland in the morning for a lovely holiday. They all hate the English with a passion – the racists. I mean, it must be true, as once when I went for a job which would have involved lobbying the Scottish Parliament I was told, “They won’t like you because you’re English”. Sorry mate – it doesn’t work that way.

I could list the number of new MPs that won’t be stereotypically middle class and white and indeed male, but why should I let Mr Macintyre dictate this pathetic debate.

I could for example say that hey the Labour party must be institutionally racist, as the BNP always seem to enjoy success in areas that are traditional Labour heartlands and if they weren’t racist, surely they would be doing something to counter this. I haven’t seen so much BNP success in those leafy suburbs where the Conservative party has traditionally been strong.

Of course the authos own comments to people who challenge him onhis blog post perhaps go to show why he should be dismissed.

  • Are you going to vote for David Cameron’s Tories?
  • Do you believe the Opposition should face scrutiny, or just be handed power without a debate?
  • Do you have jobs?
  • How often to you surf blogsites posting abuse?
  • Are you scared of daylight, only come out at night?
  • Are you real people who engage sociallywith other individuals in the normal way?

Oh dear James – as soon as you start playing the man and not the debate you really have lost it. I guess I have to agree with Tim Montgomerie who tweeted that I believe the New Statesman is institutionally nasty!

Campaign free for all on internet come the next election.

Forgive me, but is this really  shock? I remember when I first stood for Parliament in 1997 as a young 22 year old in the City of York, the then MP (and still MP) had his agent taken to teh high court as they had accidentally forgotten to put their imprint on a set of leaflets. For some reason as one of the candidates I received all the papers relating to the case. Quite rightly in my view nothing happened as it appeared to be an honest mistake and would hardly have made any difference to the result.

Along comes the internet and now the electoral commission is suggesting that it won’t be able to police what is on it during the election. Well it really doesn’t come as a surprise.

How can they stop for example someone in another country producing an attack ad during the election? As far as I can see they can’t. How can they stop anyone producing a viral campaign that attacks one side or another at a national or local level? I don’t think the can.

The onus may well be on a parliamentary candidate to prove that such information is not being produced as part of their campaign – but surely there is absolutely nothing that can be done if someone takes it upon themselves to produce campaigning material and puts it online during an election?

Or am I missing something?

If someone wanted to produce material slagging me off personally and my campaign at the last election what could I have done as a candidate to stop it? If it wasn’t produced by my opponent I can’t see I would have much recourse. The internet crosses not just cobstituency boundaries but national boundaries which is why come the General Election there may well be an campaign free for all on the internet.

Those posties at Royal Mail are at it again – but what are the CWU doing?

It seems that customers of Royal Mail will again be inconvenienced by posties who are likely to hold a ballot to determine whether they will (again) hold a walk out. I thought they were already on strike – but apparently that was just regional action. This will have all the brothers walking out in solidarity.

The one thing I still don’t get. If the CWU really thinks the Government (they are after all the majority shareholder in Royal Mail) is being so mean to them, why are they continuing to fund the Labour party.

So my question to Billy Hayes is – what are you getting for your millions?

Ten questions Baroness Scotland must answer

Hmmm so if you are in a position of power can you get away with hiring an illegal immigrant?

Ten questions Baroness Scotland really must answer:-

1. What documents did she see that led her to believe that Miss Tapui was entitled to work in the country? Did she check that these documents entitled Miss Tapui to work in Britain? When did she see these documents?
2. Why won’t Baroness Scotland disclose what type of documents she saw that led her to believe Miss Tapui was entitled to work in this country?
3. On which date did Baroness Scotland see the documents?
4. Did she make copies of these documents?
5. If so, has she retained those copies? When did she make copies of them?
6. Did Baroness Scotland check that these documents were not forged? If so, what checks did she carry out and when?
7. Is there anything to suggest Miss Tapui’s documents were forged? If so, did Baroness Scotland notice these details? If she did, why did she not act upon this?
8. Has Baroness Scotland retained these documents?
9. On what date did Miss Tapui’s employment begin?
10. Has Baroness Scotland retained any documents relating to previous employees of hers? If so, will she lrelease them?

I wonder if Chris Grayling will get any answers?

Biggest Tory Loser?

So is that man Iain Dale a big Tory loser? Not according to the amount of money he’s raised, but what are the scores on the doors? Party Chairman Eric Pickles is shedding the pounds and a little birdie told me he was giving up everything that was fun. New Media man Mike Rouse is getting the old bike out, and as for me… two weeks into my fitness regime, and I have now shed a total of 16 pounds (that’s 6 pounds this week). All down to eating healthy and burning at least 800 calories on the old cross trainer.

If you want to encourage me do put a few coppers in the pot below. Only 40 pounds to go!

Brown's cuts….

Superb video by the people at ConservativeHome.

Thatcher Thatcher Thatcher

I still can’t get over given how badly the current Labour Government is doing, some of their cheerleaders still come back with the comment, “I remember Thatcher”. Aren’t selective memories great. They remember Thatcher eh? I guess they don’t remember the Unions screwing the country. I suspect thaey don’t remember the UK as the sick man of Europe. But that’s fine – people look backwards and always remember what they want.

What really shocks me is that Thatcher left power nigh on two decades ago and we have had a Labour Government since 1997. So what they are really saying is that their Labour Government has been so ineffective that they haven;t managed to influence anything for two decades?

Of course their selective memory won’t like the fact EVERY Labour Government has left office with unemployment higher than when they came to office. They won’t like the fact that 5 million people have never done a days work since Labour came to power. These facts they don’t like to remember – and lets not even get on to the unheard of levels of debt we are now in.

Thanks Gordon – what a great legacy you’ve left us.

Daft neighbours part 64

Wilson - is that you?

Wilson - is that you?

Do you remember Wilson from the film Castaway starring Tom Hanks? Well now I have a my own version as you can see which came zooming up my drive and into the garage this evening.

Of course it couldn’t have been the neighbour who when playing cricket with his kids decides to employ bodylining tactics take a full run up and bowling at full force to his son who must be under 10 years old. I mean it couldn’t be could it, as if it was he would have asked for his ball back. This is the same person who chips real golf balls across the road from my house, whose son (following dad’s example) chips them back towards my house when dad isn’t there.

Well if they can’t ask for it back.. I guess I have a new pal…… little Wilson. (Ok I admit it – the face was my idea).

Wilson - the original

Wilson - the original