Do you remember Bryan Gould?

Bryan Gould

Bryan Gould

Do any of you remember Bryan Gould – ex Labour MP who once challenged for the leadership.

I just dug out some of my letters I received from various politicians that I had written to when writing for a student paper. In one letter I asked Bryan why was he leaving the Labour party and going back to New Zealand. In his response from April 1994 are a few words which certainly seem to be ringing true in 2009:-

“I am, however, a little unenthusiastic about the current direction of the Party. I feel that we are not offering a clear enough alternative to Toryism and that our policies lack a radical cutting edge. Most of all, I am concerned that the next Labour Government (if our recent performance is anything to go by – particularly on the issues like the ERM) will again deflate the economy at the behest of the financial establishment and thereby do great damage to the living standards of ordinary people and to the public services on which they rely. This has happened all too often in the past and I wish I could feel more confident that it was not going to happen this time as well.”

As they say, “who’d have thunk”?

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