Don't play the race card here

So James Macintyre believes and I quote, “I believe the Conservative Party is institutionally racist. I always have done.” Apparently his publication supports that stance so much that the post hasbeen removed even though you can at the time of writing read it here.

I always wonder when “journalists” start off with a proposition and the try to find some sort of feeble evidence to prove it, so they can say, well look everyone I was right. We can all do that.

I’m off to Scotland in the morning for a lovely holiday. They all hate the English with a passion – the racists. I mean, it must be true, as once when I went for a job which would have involved lobbying the Scottish Parliament I was told, “They won’t like you because you’re English”. Sorry mate – it doesn’t work that way.

I could list the number of new MPs that won’t be stereotypically middle class and white and indeed male, but why should I let Mr Macintyre dictate this pathetic debate.

I could for example say that hey the Labour party must be institutionally racist, as the BNP always seem to enjoy success in areas that are traditional Labour heartlands and if they weren’t racist, surely they would be doing something to counter this. I haven’t seen so much BNP success in those leafy suburbs where the Conservative party has traditionally been strong.

Of course the authos own comments to people who challenge him onhis blog post perhaps go to show why he should be dismissed.

  • Are you going to vote for David Cameron’s Tories?
  • Do you believe the Opposition should face scrutiny, or just be handed power without a debate?
  • Do you have jobs?
  • How often to you surf blogsites posting abuse?
  • Are you scared of daylight, only come out at night?
  • Are you real people who engage sociallywith other individuals in the normal way?

Oh dear James – as soon as you start playing the man and not the debate you really have lost it. I guess I have to agree with Tim Montgomerie who tweeted that I believe the New Statesman is institutionally nasty!

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