Campaign free for all on internet come the next election.

Forgive me, but is this really  shock? I remember when I first stood for Parliament in 1997 as a young 22 year old in the City of York, the then MP (and still MP) had his agent taken to teh high court as they had accidentally forgotten to put their imprint on a set of leaflets. For some reason as one of the candidates I received all the papers relating to the case. Quite rightly in my view nothing happened as it appeared to be an honest mistake and would hardly have made any difference to the result.

Along comes the internet and now the electoral commission is suggesting that it won’t be able to police what is on it during the election. Well it really doesn’t come as a surprise.

How can they stop for example someone in another country producing an attack ad during the election? As far as I can see they can’t. How can they stop anyone producing a viral campaign that attacks one side or another at a national or local level? I don’t think the can.

The onus may well be on a parliamentary candidate to prove that such information is not being produced as part of their campaign – but surely there is absolutely nothing that can be done if someone takes it upon themselves to produce campaigning material and puts it online during an election?

Or am I missing something?

If someone wanted to produce material slagging me off personally and my campaign at the last election what could I have done as a candidate to stop it? If it wasn’t produced by my opponent I can’t see I would have much recourse. The internet crosses not just cobstituency boundaries but national boundaries which is why come the General Election there may well be an campaign free for all on the internet.


4 Responses to Campaign free for all on internet come the next election.

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  2. geoffn says:

    You are right. Also as with most rules they've completely forgotten why they passed it. It is purely so that people know where to complain if they don't like something. It's not exactly difficult to track down the hq of a political party any longer. The hosting/isp of a website is easy to find. I'd scrap the whole thing, if you really need something then an email address for complaints should be sufficient.

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  4. Kedirev says:

    I want to say – thank you for this!,

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