Biggest Tory Loser?

So is that man Iain Dale a big Tory loser? Not according to the amount of money he’s raised, but what are the scores on the doors? Party Chairman Eric Pickles is shedding the pounds and a little birdie told me he was giving up everything that was fun. New Media man Mike Rouse is getting the old bike out, and as for me… two weeks into my fitness regime, and I have now shed a total of 16 pounds (that’s 6 pounds this week). All down to eating healthy and burning at least 800 calories on the old cross trainer.

If you want to encourage me do put a few coppers in the pot below. Only 40 pounds to go!

One Response to Biggest Tory Loser?

  1. Mike Rouse says:

    Wow. It's just falling off you. I've started going to the gym in the mornings and quite like the rowing machine. I need to burn about 800 calories a day also, but struggling to get to that many at the moment. Currently doing between 100-200 at the moment.

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