Daft neighbours part 64

Wilson - is that you?

Wilson - is that you?

Do you remember Wilson from the film Castaway starring Tom Hanks? Well now I have a my own version as you can see which came zooming up my drive and into the garage this evening.

Of course it couldn’t have been the neighbour who when playing cricket with his kids decides to employ bodylining tactics take a full run up and bowling at full force to his son who must be under 10 years old. I mean it couldn’t be could it, as if it was he would have asked for his ball back. This is the same person who chips real golf balls across the road from my house, whose son (following dad’s example) chips them back towards my house when dad isn’t there.

Well if they can’t ask for it back.. I guess I have a new pal…… little Wilson. (Ok I admit it – the face was my idea).

Wilson - the original

Wilson - the original

2 Responses to Daft neighbours part 64

  1. Carole says:

    They can chip real GOLD balls at my house any time they like.

  2. editor says:

    Ha ha – changed it to "golf" now.

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