No holiday here

Really interesting to see more than one MP doing their casework in the Atrium of Portcullis House as opposed to their office. Surely it can’t be to show whoever is looking, including the press, that they are busy and definitely not on holiday.

Surely not.


Labour Still Isnt Working

5 million people have NEVER worked under this Labour Government.

Labour has always left office with unemployment higher than when it came to power.



National Express

Sat on a train just pulling into Peterborough. Wondering how come with all these commuters from Newark who pay over £8,000 for a season ticket, this franchise cannot make money? Answers on a postcard please.

My integral role in the Ashes victory

T’is a true story. A case of not a lot of people know that. Geoff Miller went to Chesterfield School where my dad was a PE teacher. As I understand it, Geoff wasn’t the best academically but my dad as PE teacher saw Geoff’s cricket ability.

Anyway, as we know Geoff went on to be a great cricketer for Derbyshire and is now Chief Selector for the England cricket team.

During his days as a County player Geoff came roudn to our house and took my lucky horseshoe that was in the garage and carried it round in his kit bag.

Today we won the ashes…. and now we all know the reason why.

PS – Geoff – I want my lucky horseshoe back!


Now I know where I've been going wrong… It's my looks

So now I know where I’ve been going wrong in selections and elections. I’m not female and I’m not good looking either.

What a complete arse this man must be.

What does the PM think?

Paul Waugh has hit the nail on the head with his blogabout the deafening silence that has emanated from Downing Street following the absurd decision to release the person behind the Lockerbie bombing.

The Scottish Executive have a view. David Cameron has a view. I have a view.

But the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom does not? So just what does the PM think? The decision to release is a disgrace and Gordon Brown’s silence is too!

Bankrupt Britain

Do you think the Chancellor watches those TV adverts for IVA’s where you can restructure your debt and pay what you can afford? Perhaps he should given the latest figures just released!

UK public sector borrowing was £8 billion in July, which is far far worse than analyst predictions of £500 million.
To date in this financial year the UK has already borrowed £49.8 billion, compared with only £15.9 billion at the same point in last financial year.

Their MPs may be spending their time on twitter playing party politics with the NHS, whilst “Rome burns” and our financial situation deteriorates so there may be no money for the NHS! And end to boom and bust Gordon! Remember those words?