Labour advising private healthcare providers

Let me state from the outset I love Boots. It is one of the finest retailers on the high street, and I regard it as the Nations Chemist.

I worked there for a number of years in a Public Affairs capacity, and my wife worked for them from leaving school for 17 years, so I cannot stress enough what a force for good I think Boots is in the healthcare arena. Of course the likes of John Prescott would have you believe that private involvement in healthcare is bad, even though during his reign as No. 2 to Tony, more and more powers were given to pharmacists. And who do many of them work for.. private organisations, which make profits!

Now isn’t it funny according to this article how the former Secretary of State for Health is using her considerable expertise advising a private sector company involved in primary care, namely Alliance Boots.

The article even alleges that, “Miss Hewitt will also become the “special adviser” to Cinven, one of the world’s biggest private equity companies, which last year paid £1.4billion for Bupa’s UK hospitals.”

Oh dear. John Precott won’t be  happy man.

Update:- I almost forgot. The Prime Minister Tony Blair actually paid a visit to Boots HQ (to talk about healthcare issues) which I played a tiny tiny part in helping to organise. Hmm so you see… private involvement in health not so bad!! I still have the photo of him with the cup of tea I made for him in the Boots mug. I actually still have the mug!


3 Responses to Labour advising private healthcare providers

  1. Praguetory says:

    Good blog.

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  3. Everyone knows how in bed Labour are with the private sector. For Brown to suggest otherwise is totally disingenuous.

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