How many Labour MPs are critics of the NHS?

It is interesting to note how the Labour party has used any faint whiff of criticism in how the NHS operates in an attempt to portray an issue in black and white terms, when the reality is there are varying shades of grey.

Their logic is that either you support an “I love the NHS campaign” or you must really really hate it.

Now isn’t that funny. The reason, well it doesn’t take much research to start to find clear examples where Labour MPs have been openly critical of NHS decisions. I am no fan of Early Day Motions. In fact I have set up a site to scrap the things, as I think in their current form they are a glorious waste of taxpayers money.

What you can find out, with the current list of EDMs is clear examples where MPs of all parties, including Labour MPs, are openly critical of the NHS.

So lets just take one random example. EDM number 57 which is entitled “Diabetes UK’s Your Vision Campaign And Access To Retinal Screening.”  The EDM is fairly self explanatory in what it is campaigning for, but the interesting quote is,

“That this House…….notes with concern that Government targets, of all people with diabetes being offered free digital retinal screening by the end of 2007, were not met and as a result one in four, up to 470,000, people with diabetes in England, are needlessly being put at risk of losing their sight”

So the people who have signed the motion believe that a target has been missed, and because of this, people have been put at risk of losing their sight.

Now I have no problem in this, as what all politicians should want is the best health outcomes for people, rather than a crass and childish debate about are you for or against an institution.

BUT by the logic of those attacking anyone who believe a health system planned 60 years ago may benefit from improvements, then MPs such as Alan Meale, Kelvin Hopkins, Betty Williams (I coudl go on as there are 73 signatures) all could be accused of attacking the NHS and really not showing enough love!

Do I really need to go through more of these motions to get a list of Labour MPs who have at one time criticised one aspect of another of our Health Service?


7 Responses to How many Labour MPs are critics of the NHS?

  1. Grumpy Old Man says:


  2. editor says:

    Oh OK if I MUST… more to come later.

  3. Grumpy Old Man says:

    Good Man! Anything that exposes Labour for the hypocrits they truly are can't be bad.

    May I suggest that you might also consider floating the view that it is not the poor sods working in the HAI-infected wards who are being criticised, but the inchoate soviet-style management system and top-down, tractor-factory target culture of this totally incompetent Labour shambles of a government who have presided over 30,000 unnecesary deaths at whom the flak is directed? May be that thought could be worked in with your EDM study.
    I would like to add that DC should stop reacting like a frightened spinster and shoot the messenger every time he is challenged over a social issue by Labour, but that is probably outside your established remit., so I won't say it.

  4. editor says:

    My brother and sister law both work in the NHS. In 2000 I ran the London Marathon in aid of Sheffield children's hospital. They were so pleased for the money – again – it shows that yes the NHS does great work, but by god it isn't in anyway unpatriotic to point out failings when there are some.

    Labour wanted to shut down debate and I'm afriad their control freakery has backfired. Moreover their initial stance now leaves them open to being hypocrites, as many of their own side have pointed out deficiency in our Health Service on numerous ocassions.

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  6. DM Andy says:

    Isn't there a difference between being critical of one (or even many) aspects of the NHS and wanting to see it dismantled entirely?

    The problem with Daniel Hannan's comments weren't that he criticised the NHS, but that he told lies about the NHS and said that he wanted it abolished. Even that would have been fine except that he said it overseas when he wouldn't have the courage to say it in Britain.

    Labour are right to point out that if Hannan believes in the abolition of the NHS but won't say it here how many other Tory MPs want to abolish it too, but are too politically astute to mention the fact.

  7. Jonathan Sheppard says:

    Thid old red herring of abolishing. Making things work better does not equate to abolish. Isn't it about time the LABOUR Government admitted that its own policies have changed the NATIONAL health service into a series of LOCAL ones with differeing levels of patient care and accessibility.

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