Esther Rantzen embarks on vanity project

So Esther Rantzen has decided to have a little ego trip by letting the world know she is going to stand for Parliament in Luton South. Now I could understand the motive if the sitting MP who became embroiled in the expenses saga was standing again, but she isn’t. So what does Esther want to achieve? What are her policies? Why does she think the people of Luton South want her to represent them? What qualifies her for the role?

All perfectly decent questions. I mean, why don’t we just have a parliament made up of 600 plus B list celebrities. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Would it hell. I hope the good people of Luton South can see through this vanity project and see that a vote for Nigel Huddlestone is the only real way to implement change and get rid of the tired and discredited Government currently clinging on to power for dear life.

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