EON just stop calling

I took a call from EON the lovely energy company this week. After asking for my wife I asked if I could help. The lady at the end of the phone then went into her clearly well rehearsed script about their central heating and boiler cover, After about 60 seconds I politely said thanks but no thanks.

I noticed the next day there was a missed call from the same number that EON had used to speak to me, but thought nothing further of it.

On Friday – two days after I said no, who should call again but EON so this time we have a bit of fun. Speakerphone goes on and the lady gets to give her full sales pitch to my wife about how it the service will cost something like £14 a month, what it covers and so on.

At the end of it she asks is my wife interested. She says No, and actually we had already said No two days ago. Oh but why, you know it could be very expensive if something goes wrong.

Now that’s where I take exception to this type of thing. It is almost bordering on asking you to sign up to something with menaces. Giving you the impression that if you don’t pay this £14 a month, your boiler could blow up and then what will you do. It could cost you lots of money dear householder and you don’t want that do you!

Well we don’t mind saying No, but if you are elderly and on your own, these kind of sales tactics may just work.

Frankly EON, the reason why we don’t want your cover is none of your business. I may be filthy rich and can afford a new boiler should it go wrong. I may be poor and can’t afford your over priced cover. I may have read some of these reviews and thing your provide  a crappy service.

Or I may have told you No, and just don’t appreciate you calling again and asking for my wife to see if you get a different answer.

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One Response to EON just stop calling

  1. Dave says:

    I had a call from a Company who were trying to get me to renew a policy. After answering the phone I was asked to confirm my address. When I asked why I was told that they couldn’t speak to me unless I confirmed my address!

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