What a result!

Well what a result the Conservatives had in Norwich North. I have to say even I was surprised at the winning margin. Given the campaign it sounds thoroughly deserved. I suspect Chloe Smith won’t have long to get up and running before she has it all to do again in a General Election.

Unless of course Lembit is right, and then it’s not just Gordon Brown is doomed!

2 Responses to What a result!

  1. Thomas Byrne says:

    It was in the bag, and I’m not surprised. People have been hit by the spin playing our chances down.

    • editor says:

      Always a good course of action to play your own chances down. I think they call it managing expectations. Like when Amazon tell you your book will be with you in 5 days and when it arrives in 3 you are so pelased. If they told you 3 days and that’s what you got, you’d just think it was OK.

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