We must do more for our armed forces!

I was pleased to read the recent story about the party and the tickets for troops initiative, but surely even more could be done.

Surely there could be some kind of sytem whereeby serving personnel from our armed forces can qualify for special offers, or deals at high street retailers. If organisations can give special deals based solely on age, or if you a re a student for example, then why not a scheme to reward our armed forces personnel.

OK it’s only a little thing, and I’m sure they would much rather have better equipment when they are in a theatre of conflict, but our retailers could do something to show their support for our troops.

So who is going to give the British Retail Consortium a call?

2 Responses to We must do more for our armed forces!

  1. Therese says:

    Agree, locally I know Focus DIY does it.
    Also, there is a website forcesdiscount.com and the official Defence Discounts Directory c/o MOD.

  2. Bob says:

    What about including service personel in the list of concessions? So concessions for Students, Pensioners, Soldiers etc

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