Robert Peston gets the story

Ropert Peston has spoilt my day today. Why? Well He has got even more details about National Express. So it appears that not only will we be funding our commuting with two £8,000 season tickets, but we will then be funding it through our taxes!

The bit that beggars belief to me is that the operating company has seemingly been allowed to default on its contractual agreement – but is protected. And what has annoyed me even more (if true) is the fact that Government turned down an extra £100 million that was offered to hand the contract back.

So we are left with a state run train company where people have to pay £5 to reserve seats for a return journey, where the trains are dirty, where the compensation scheme (called delay repay) when trains are late doesn’t work.

Peston gives you the news… it’s just bad news for us commuters today.

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