Scrap EDMs website online

Instead of just writing about what a waste of money (in my view) Early Day Motions are, I decided to do something about it. Action is better than words! Well the website is online, and emails have been sent to all MPs asking them whether they would support scrapping EDMs.

I still can’t see a downside to getting rid of them? If you know of one please let me know. The upside is savings of over £500,000 a year. Given political parties want to reduce the cost of democracy – how about supporting this initiative?

PS – This isn’t a party political campaign. There are plenty of Conservatives who think EDMs are a great use of taxpayers money. I and I suspect many other just have a different view!

5 Responses to Scrap EDMs website online

  1. sam says:

    I think EDM website is a good idea and should be kept. What should be questioned is how on earth does it cost the £500,000 a year. Where did you get that figure/do you know the breakdown of costs

    • editor says:

      Printing costs equate to over £500k a year. Honestly do you think a motion like the one below is worth £300 of taxpayers money?

      RICK STEIN19.01.2007

      Pelling, Andrew
      That this House expresses its sympathies to Rick Stein and his family on the passing away of their characterful Jack Russell, Chalky, acknowledging the heartache and distress that losing a family pet can cause.

      Pelling, Andrew
      Conway, Derek
      Rogerson, Daniel
      Jenkins, Brian

  2. Sam says:

    Well I don’t think anything Derek Conway is worth anything but that’s another subject.

    Surely then the website is fine. If its the printing that costs the money then maybe they should look at paperless EDMs.

    • editor says:

      Ha ha… I think there are two issues.

      1) I personally think alot (not all) MPs are a waste of time as they can be frivolous.

      2) The cost

      If there can be a debate that gets some sort of reform that would be a starting point that’s for sure. So for example if we have to have EDMs – then yes, why are they printed. Have them electronically available only.

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