Jackson free zone

Just a public service annoucement. This blog will be a Michael Jackson free zone. It’s sad when anyone dies. I, however never was a huge fan, and frankly found his life a little tragic having watched a few biopics on him. Sad, but then there are lots of sad stories every day. I’m afraid I can’t join in the seemingly forced sense of public grief that seems to happen these days when someone famous dies. Hopefully it doesn’t sound harsh, but there you have it.

As more than one person has pointed out my sympathies will be saved for people like the families of our servicemen who are killed in action in the various fields of conflict we are involved in.


One Response to Jackson free zone

  1. David says:

    Thank god for common sense its wall to wall Jackson at the moment and I too reserve any emotions for real victims .
    It keeps the media happy…….and we see where the priorities lay

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