One very good man

Earlier in the year I went out and had a go at a youth (not a small child) who chucked what sounded like a rather large snowball at the window. I suspect my choice of language wasn’t the best given at first he denied throwing it, and then said he did it by accident. If memory serves me correctly I said, I’ve bollo**ed you and if you do it again I’ll bollo** your parents. Suffice to say on this ocassion nothing else has happened, although I suspect on the street we are regarded as somewhat strange as I am prepared to tell kids when they are doing something they shouldn’t, which is something parents seem unwilling or incapable of doing.

Yesterday I made a call for all honest hard working MPs to stand up and be counted. Today we learn that one MP has taken a stand against yobbos in his constituency, and not for the first time either!

Tobias isn’t the sort of chap you would want to pick a fight with. He isn’t the smallest of chaps. Even so, I think doing something like he has done takes guts and shows a real moral compass. Perhaps the press would like to talk about this sort of thing a bit more rather than the dreaded e-word when talking about of MPs!.

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