A few good men (and women)?

Ok that’s it. Ive had enough. I’ve heard enough. I am fed up of hearing about MPs and their expenses. So what if we put this in perspective. There are close to 650 MPs. They have apparently had to repay £500,000 of expenses even though some of the claims were within the rules.

Then you have one former boss of RBS who has paid back over £2 million, yet still have  a pension which is higher than the average person will earn in employment in a decade.

Then of course unemployment is higher than it has been since Labour came to power over a decade ago.

I made the point on Iain Dale’s radio show. Why isn’t there a group of MPs prepared to stand up and say look… we haven’t made dodgy claims, we aren’t on the take, and we are pretty decent people.

I guess the reason is that they fear that if enough digging is done they will be the next to be outed for perhaps making a legitimate claim that the moral minority think is wrong.

Of course those flipping houses or those claiming too much council tax (how exactly can you do that?) have no excuse. But it has gotten to the stage that a recent caller was bemoaning an MP who had claimed for a hands-free car kit on expenses. Well what’s wrong with that? I had one fitted to my car when I worked in the corporate world as it was necessary for the job. Are we saying that MPs cant claim for the likes of printers or a digital camera to do the job?

MPs and politicians have become an easy target. So much so that the Daily Mail were asking for 6 volunteers to go through the MPs expenses once online. Well done – lets just make people think all people in politics are corrupt.

But if we are going to do that, on the premise that its taxpayers money, well lets take a look at what people who work for councils claim, or what is claimed in the NHS.

I for one know that certain NHS consultants used to have Danish pastries provided at meetings on the taxpayer. Shall we do some digging on that? What about the expenses of Chief Executives of Councils? Or what about the expenses of every senior manager at Royal Mail. Shall I go on?

MPs are now easy targets. Maybe I am naive – but I still believe the majority of our elected representatives are honest and decent people. But please will some of them stand up and say so!

3 Responses to A few good men (and women)?

  1. Mark Reckons says:

    Jonathan. I totally agree. In fact I don’t know if you were still listening but I called into Iain’s show as well towards the end to discuss the same thing prompted by your comments.

    I think it is even worse than you say though because there will be something in the expense claims of all MPs that can be spun negatively. Whether it’s a paper clip, bath plug or in the case of Jo Swinson, nothing but a receipt that happened to have make up on it (which she never claimed for – it was on the same receipt as something else legitimate). That didn’t stop The Telegraph the Guardian and the BBC smearing her.

    The time has come for this to end now. the Tax Payer’s Alliance was going after someone today because of claims for a training course for a member of staff. Are we now saying that MP’s staff should not be allowed to go on training courses? Are we trying to turn MPs into the worst employers in the country?


  2. Edith Rayment says:

    This is not America.

    The past participle of the verb to get is not gotten.

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