I chose that title as I’m currently baking in the Spanish sunshine on our balcony overlooking the harbour. It’s a tough life eh!

Sitting here I had some more thoughts about the County elections in Notts I was currently involved in. Take the division I stood in. We never expected to come close to winning but we wanted to at least make them work for it. The reason being it would make more winnable areas easier to take.

We won the targets. We won another division. Labour held a seat by just 60 votes and another by just over 100. Then in mine the 1000 votes for an ex labour councillor disappeared plus 1100 votes for the existing Labour councillor leading to their victory margin being slashed from 1400 to just over 280.

My ice cream may be in meltdown over here on my holidays, but I can’t get over how the Labour vote has gone into cataclysmic meltdown.

It only goes to show that even in the coalfield areas of the East Midlands Labour can no longer take people’s votes for granted!

2 Responses to Meltdown

  1. It is an amazing meltdown. It will be interesting to see how Labour polls in its North East heartland when the results are announced tonight.

  2. Dave Watson says:

    Cheap deal outside the school holidays heh?

    How people love a scapegoat, they can place all blame for their failures at somebody else’s feet. To some degree I think this is happening to Brown. He is also very unlucky: Blue tongue, foot and mouth, banking meltdown, faudulent MP’s etc.. If the summer turns out to be crap I’ve no doubt the media will blame Brown. He is simply a good story and everybody is buying into it. Is David Cameron up to the job? His turn may well come to lead but one thing in Politics is certain, one day the media will feed on him! It may come sooner than many expect.

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