Can you use a Union flag in UK politics?

A strange incident happened today when I was delivering leaflets. We had done a full day, and before I went to meet my wife I decided to do a couple of streets on my own. I was dressed casually in jeans, trainers (only comfy shoes since the marathon) and my 2009 London Marathon t shirt which as a Union flag on it.

As I approached one house a chap dressed in a suit next to his car stared and stared , so I went up to him and offered him a leaflet. His face was almost relieved when he saw it was a Tory leaflet, not because he was a supporter, but because he assumed I was a member of the BNP, and I think he would have given me a mouthful.

We had a brief conversation where I pointed out that it was about time people weren’t afraid of wearing the flag of our country, so that we can wrestle it off the extremists.

It really made me think though – why on earth should we be afraid of using our flag in elections (or indeed at any other time). It isn’t, shouldn’t and cannot be the sole preserve of extremists and it’s time to take it back!


Getting the vote out

Spent today in Worksop delivering lots of leaflets. Only 1 person didn’t want one… amusingly still thought Labour was virtuous. The words Damian McBride left them lost for words mind you.

From today I have no doubt Nottinghamshire will turn Conservative.

Getting the message out in Worksop

Getting the message out in Worksop