Making a bit of money out of politics

It’s not only MP’s claiming expenses who can make a bit of money out of politics. With less than a year to the what I believe will be the election date of 6th May 2010, there are a few interesting betting opportunities in the seats markets. Although the odds aren’t huge, I believe the probability of winning makes these a better investment than your fund manager would have made of your pension in the last couple of years. Firstly there’s setting up your accounts. The bookmakers offering these bets are VC Bet, Skybet, William Hill and Ladbrokes. All of which will give you a free £25 bet when you sign up. That’s £100 up for a start.

Secondly where are the best opportunities. Achieving the best odds means deciding where you draw the winning line.  This far out, I think the 20% poll leads will narrow and come election day we’ll see vote shares of Con 42%, Lab 30% and LD 20% with a majority for the Conservatives of around 60.

So with a fictional £1000, I would divide into 10 bets Of £100 for the Conservatives to win

Gloucester 8-15 Skybet
Leicestershire North West 1-2 Skybet
Keighley 5-6 Skybet
Torbay 1-2 William Hill
Tynemouth 8-13 Skybet
Chorley Evs Skybet
Nuneaton 5-6 Skybet
Bolton West 4-6 Ladbrokes
Sefton Central 4-7 Ladbrokes
Harrow East 1-2 Ladbrokes

So if you agree with poll projections, it’s time to put your money where your mouth is. Will pay for a nice holiday to get over that General Election campaigning next year.

Andrew Woodman

One Response to Making a bit of money out of politics

  1. It’s certainly going to be an intersting election next year. There seems to be a large political storm gathering re MPs’ expenses. The only bet I’ll put on is that this is going to run and run. There are a lot of skeletons in the cupboard, I’m sure. Rgds Vince

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