Is Brown the Tories biggest asset?

I’ve just been listening to the Prime Minister on the Jeremy Vine show and had to switch it off. Talking about the credit crunch he said that he had been warning about the problem for years, in respect of the situation we are now in.

Hang on a minute. If you are in opposition you can get away with that – as you can warn aout things and have no power to do anything. As Chancellor you have the power to alter things you warn about. As Prime Minister you have the power to do something about the things you warn about.

If you are in power and you know something is wromg, you are negligent if you do nothing about it. Sorry Prime Minister, but if you had indeed been warning about things for years then why on earth did you dit back and do nothing?

The more I listen to Gordon Brown the more I come to realise he just might be one of biggest assets the Tory Party has!

Does the BBC know something we dont?

Apparently Alistair Darling said,

“The truth is Britain will be clearing up for the economic mess left by this government long after the G20 show leaves town.”

Well yes I think I agree.

I suspect they have made a little typo and thequote will be reattributed. It makes my typos look rather un-important!