Thoughts on Spring Forum

Sunday morning I travelled down to Cheltenham for the Spring Forum. Having looked at the guide it seemed Saturday was thin on action so I thought I’d make a mere day trip, while giving me a chance to walk the racecourse ( a useful exercise for in running betting).

Before getting onto performances, I do have to wonder why Spring forum is a 2 day event. Most people on the Sunday morning will wandering about wondering what to do before the afternoon kick off, and I gather the Saturday felt a bit a washout as well. Surely a one day rally with a full morning would be a better option. I believe that there would be better attendance, as activists would not have to write off a whole weekend.

As far as the forum went, I thought George Osborne’s speech actually outshone David Cameron’s. Both warned of the dire economic position we face and set out a narrative of tighter public spending.  Dan Hannan set out the case for democracy instead of Euro tyranny and  Eric Pickles made a rallying call along with a couple of fat jokes.

Personal highlight, asking a passing Alan Duncan if he’d shot anyone today in light of his HIGNFY performance.

Andrew Woodman

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